Sky Park Cafe

Go on Thursdays for the salmon bowl lunch special, with brown rice.

Sky Park Cafe
Salmon Bowl w/ brown rice
9265 Sky Park Court San Diego, CA 92123
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3 Responses to “Sky Park Cafe”

  1. Buster Brown Says:

    Best Salmon bowl in the city!

  2. Kyle Says:

    I have had a breakfast burrito here and the salmon bagel. They are good. The Navy Bean soup has been better than good. The salmon bowl is essentially the reason I go here. That and it is walking distance from my work. The salmon bowl has gone up in price and is smaller than it used to be but it is still worth it. A good combination of foods in a bowl with nori and soy sauce to sprinkle on top. Healthy too.

  3. Jon Says:

    Wow! Memories… I ate A LOT of those Salmon Bowls in my day. They are tasty. I actually liked the California rolls there, too.

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