Grab & Go Subs

Grab a seat at the bird poop benches in back. Watch the planes land.

Grab & Go
Hot Spicy Capocolla
2102 India Street San Diego, CA 92101

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3 Responses to “Grab & Go Subs”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Grab & Go has been around since 1973, a great year. I have noticed the same lady at three of the same locations. I like the Little Italy one the most. They are always quick to get your food ready and I have never been disappointed here. I like the toasted bread. There is a huge difference when it is toasted. I have also always liked sitting in back at the benches, watching the planes land at Lindbergh Field.

  2. Gary_A Says:

    I love that grilled feta cheese sandwich… smells like feet. Anyway damn good grub. A must stop before jumping on a flight… O’Yeah.

  3. Buster Brown Says:

    Pastrami – bro….love the pastrami at that juke joint!!!

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