Mariscos Las Palmas

A large menu and giant portions at a fair price, with good chips & salsa.

Mariscos Las Palmas
Mariscos Plate (Megan can’t recall the name)
777 East Vista Way Vista, CA 92084
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2 Responses to “Mariscos Las Palmas”

  1. Kyle Says:

    The burritos here are a challenge to finish. Many of the plates here are the same, leaving you with leftovers for later. I like that they have complimentary chips, salsa and ceviche. This allows you to schnack, eat half your meal and have an entire meal for later. Mariscos is a favorite and this place does it well. Oh yeah… usually full of Hispanic folks too. Yes I know, it’s Vista, but a good sign.

  2. Kyle Says:

    The Al Pastor tacos were pretty damn good too. The fish tacos were good but needed more sauce.

    Buffalo has wings. Chicago and NY have dogs and pizza. Austin and KC have BBQ. SF has sourdough. Boston has chowda. Philly has cheese steaks. Baltimore has crab cakes. New Orleans has gumbo.

    Sandy Eggo has the tacos.

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