La Torta Cafe

The Cubana is the pinnacle of tortas. They serve ’em extra large here.

La Torta Cafe
Miguel’s Cubana Torta
8356 Allison Avenue La Mesa, CA 91942

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One Response to “La Torta Cafe”

  1. Kyle Says:

    This Cubana torta here is so damn good I have to list the ingredients: Pork, milanesa, pierna with panela cheese, grilled bell peppers, onions, avocado, mayonnaise and love. First impression: out door seating and then as I entered… four motorcycle cops. I usually take this as a good sign, being that they eat out all the time and must know the good spots.

    The Cubana and a drink is not a cheap meal. Then again I could only eat half of my “chips” and half of the torta. If I had eaten all of it, I’d be happy but with a belly ache for a couple hours. I think it will make pretty good leftovers via the home toaster oven. The torta was great, to the degree that I did not want to put their hot sauces on it, just so I could taste the raw power of this torta. Nevermind…

    Since you are in the area, stop by Lars Contruction. Tell Jason I sent ya. Add on a 1000 square feet or so. He’ll buy you a torta.

    By the way, Danica’s review on Yelp; some people’s opinions are way beyond worthless.

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