The Original Sab-E-Lee

A small shop in a neighborhood, but true authentic Thai cuisine.

The Original Sab-E-Lee
Duck Noodle
2405 Ulric Street San Diego, CA 92111

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2 Responses to “The Original Sab-E-Lee”

  1. Kayce Balicki Says:

    Haha I think you’d have both fitted right in with my little trio of friends from school… We have many equally ridiculous stories from our school days. Weird children haha. You two will have no trouble maintaining your friendship I’m sure 🙂 plus you’ve got somewhere pretty awesome to visit! Ps, I was also guilty of the excessive eyeliner thing when I was 14. Why did I think that was a good idea?!

  2. Walker Koester Says:

    I loved this interview so much. I once read in another interview you did, you said, Every color matches. That has always stuck with me and have since sort of adopted it.

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